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November 17, 2006

Zune Versus iPod?

[tags] iPod, Zune CNN [/tags]

[tags] iPod, Zune CNN [/tags]

Steve Lowe 18 years ago

I’ll keep my iPod, thankyouverymuch.

John Smulo 18 years ago

You’d think Apple paid for that “review”! Personally, I like the small size of my iPod, though it’s hard to tell what the comparison is from the video. Any idea?

Toni 18 years ago


Surely an organisation the size of M$ can buy in decent styling and a project team that can understand what the market might want? If I didn’t know better I’d assume that was a pre-prototype.

You need to get a :rolleyes: smilie, Fern.

Fernando Gros 18 years ago

From surfing around, it looks like the Zune is a fair bit heavier and taller, but about as thick as the 3rd generation iPod. Hmmm, microsoft about two generations behind Apple – where have we heard that before.

One thing is for sure, it is butt-ugly, which is kind of surprising. The X-Box 360 is actually not bad looking, and I had assumed the Zune would be comparably OK.

A further issue though, is that on the one hand the Zune goes for social networking, which could be cool, but then cripples the supply options for encoded music (no iTunes downloads, for example), which is seriously uncool.

John Smulo 18 years ago

Yeah, I think Microsoft was dumb not to be iTunes compatible. I agree X-Box 360 looks fine, but the new PlayStation 3 looks much nicer. I wonder if Apple will ever get into the gaming game?

Fernando Gros 18 years ago

“I wonder if Apple will ever get into the gaming game?”

John I deeply and sincerly hope not. In fact, I’m pretty dissappinted Apple have highlighted gaming in the advertising for the new iMacs and Mac Pro. Part of why I switched in the 90s was because I wanted to get away from a hardware cycle that was driven by gaming needs (oh, and the fact that windows sucked massively in those days).

The development cycle and hardware requirements for gaming are different to those of most of the Pro-A/V applications that drive the Mac world. Quite frankly I not only don’t care if my next Mac Pro will run games I’d be happy if it didn’t, because that would give me more confidence it was optimised to run Logic Pro and Arpeture, the software I really need.

Of course, it isn’t that simple in practice, but it does still seem to be the case that a machine that is optimal for gaming is not the same as a machine that is optimal for music. The multi-core situation is part of that.

Tony 17 years ago

To be honest , I am not very experienced in the whole market of the portable audio devices, however, I have already purchased my Zune in the U.S. (being from Ireland it is not yet available ) and to be honest, so far so good. I know it is a little bit bigger than the Ipod, but the screen is 1 inch larger on the Zune, and for videos , for me is a plus .Also ,coming from a unexperienced user and like many other users like myself, the Zune software is very similar to that of the most recent Windows Media Player ,which I know is not the best media player out there ,but is the most common used for normal pc users ,so I found it very easy straight away to adapt to the software without. honestly, a lot of thought.I am curious what price the zune will be when it hits the shops over here, because unlike the States , the Ipod is overpriced here in my opinion.
Thank You.

Fernando Gros 17 years ago

Tony, thanks for your comments, I’m glad to hear from someone using and enjoying the Zune. It provides a different perspective.

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