"Let life enchant you again." - Fernando Gros
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Local men at a rundown Hindi shrine, Rajasthan India
Small shrine for local gods of sex, Rajasthan India
Muslim Sufi singers and musicians, Delhi India
Man with pierced back pulling a carriage, Penang Malaysia
Local ornament on a traditional building, Penang Malaysia
Priests holding ceremonial flames, Penang Malaysia
People walking along busy commercial street, Hong Kong
Blind musician walking to his next gig, Oaxaca Mexico
Monks playing the Dung Chen or Tibetan Horn, Ladakh India
Trumpet player doing night time brass band procession, Oaxaca Mexico
Family celebrating a departed brother, Oaxaca Mexico
Marching brass band answering a call, Rajasthan India
Musician playing Ravanahatha, Rajasthan India
Gnarled dead tree on the Arkaba estate, Wilpena Pound Australia
Landscape of Leh, Ladakh India
Horse by a stone wall near high altitude lake of Tso Moriri, Ladakh India

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