“Art, creativity, and inspiration still matter.” Fernando Gros.
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In his Tokyo studio Fernando combines his life-long passions for art and technology.

On the road, he is always looking to take the next wrong turn, just to see what kind of images and stories might unfold. A photographer & writer, with a background in music, Fernando has lived in Chile, Australia, the UK, India, Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan.

Hello, I’m Fernando.
I’m a photographer, maker, and hopeless romantic. I believe our life is defined by work and love, the activities we fill our days with, the people we share those with and the places we experience together.

I work in an underground studio in Tokyo (it is literally underground, like a comic book secret lair), making photographic prints, music and technological prototypes. You can get behind the scenes of all this on YouTube channel and also on Snapchat.

I’ve lived as an expat, as a global nomad, for 17 years. I was born in Chile and went to school in Australia. But, since 1999 I’ve lived in London, Delhi, Hong Kong, and Singapore, before moving to Tokyo in 2014.

“I refuse to accept life is anything less than a huge romantic adventure.”

I’ve documented the last 12 years of that journey on this site’s blog, sharing things I’ve learned along the way.

I also wrote a book, No Missing Tools, Creativity In An Age Of Abundance, exploring what I’ve learnt about working as a creative entrepreneur in a digital age.

I refuse to accept life is anything less than a huge romantic adventure.

This site is one small slice of that adventure. I’m inviting you to share the adventure, to go with me into the studio, or out on the road. To see what goes into creative photographic work, running a studio, adapting to a foreign land and trying to live well through it all.

No Missing Tools: Creativity in an age of abundance

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