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2 weeks ago

New Writing in Across The Margin

Do we ever outgrow our origins? It’s a question I ponder in a recent essay published at Across The Margin

Recently I wrote about shifting the focus of my writing, away from posting only on this blog. One example is an essay I recently had published at Across The Margin, entitled The Writer Within.

Across The Margin is an online arts and culture magazine. It features literary essays, fiction and poetry that explores the human condition, questions of identity, and our relationship to contemporary culture.

My essay is about what it means to grow up working class with aspirations to be part of the arts world. Can we ever really overcome the hurdles? Do the wounds of being told our dreams are unrealistic ever heal?

The article is available free, so please take a moment to visit the site and give it a read.

Of course, essays will continue to be published here as well. In case you missed them, here are a few recent essays:

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