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May 28, 2014

Uniqlo App Designed T-Shirt

Uniqlo has launched an app which allows you to easily design and order a custom T-Shirt right from your iOS or Android Phone. Here’s my experience.

Uniqlo is a Japanese fashion retailer who is well know here and overseas for fun and innovative T-Shirt designs. Their new app is a perfect extension of the Uniqlo ethos.

I tried it out and made a simple swiped version of my “F” initial, then used the “splash” option which allows you to give your artwork a more splattered effect, by shaking and moving your phone. Then I placed an order and waited. The whole process only took a few minutes (even with my limited grasp of Japanese). Options are limited to four colours, or pictures, but you can do some cool things with motion to spice up your design.

The T-Shirt cost me ¥2200 (U$21.28) for which I got a solid, mid weight Uniqlo T-Shirt (I quite like their products) with my custom logo on the front.

My only regret was I didn’t go for a more adventurous design or maybe order another T-shirt, because the service is now down, due to the high demand. Here’s hoping UTme! is up and running again soon.

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Naomi Hattaway 10 years ago

Welcome to Uniqlo! We used to walk into the store in Singapore near us just to hear that cheerful refrain! Cool shirt concept!

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