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September 13, 2012

Interview With Jay Oatway

Jay Oatway is a Hong Kong based author, journalist, tech and social media commentator. Here’s an interview I did with him while he was in town to promote his new book.

Jay Oatway

I first met Jay in 2009 and it’s always great to talk to him about trends in technology and the way people use social media. We worked together setting up HKSocial a monthly breakfast gathering for people interested in the use of social media. Since then HKSocial has continued to grow and Jay’s profile as a tech expert has also flourished.

Earlier this year, Jay was in Singapore promoting his new book, Mastering Story, Community and Influence: How to Use Social Media to Become a Socialeader and attending the DigitalMatters and MusicMatters conferences. We got to hang out a bit and I thought it would be good to record a podcast and share some of the themes we discussed, as they are quite relevant to musicians, photographers and other creatives trying to do their best with these social media tools.

In the interview, we talk about social media, but also more importantly, how we understand the relationship between our craft and our community, how we manage our time and how we tell our story. It’s quite a frank conversation, about some of the challenges I’ve faced as a musician using social media and some of the insights Jay has into the creative, tech and entrepreneurial scene in Hong Kong (and a few comments about Singapore as well).

UPDATE: Since I This Week I Quit SoundCloud this interview is offline. I hope in a future update to add the interview back in here because it was a fascinating conversation.

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