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February 3, 2015

7 Things We Learned About You (The Readers Of This Site)

The results of a recent poll unveiled some fascinating insights about the readers of this blog.

Last month I decided to survey the readers of this site, to find out a little more about your tastes and habits. It has been years since I did something like this and the results were fascinating and a lot of fun to read. Rather than bore you with a lot of explanation, I decided to put the seven key insights into an infographic.



While designing the survey, I wasn’t interesting in collecting the normal demographic information (age, location, job, etc). When it comes to online communication, our tastes, interests, habits and passions matter so much more.

Plus, I’ve been a crossroads for a while now, wondering where to go next with this site. The survey was another part on drawing a new map, not just for this site, but for my work as well.

So, do you see yourself in the results? I’d love to hear what you think, either in the comments, via email, or over on Twitter.

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Matt Brandon 9 years ago

Very cool. Now I want to do a survey!

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