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August 8, 2012

Wine Country Infra-Red

Taking the Fuji X-Pro1 on this trip was a last minute decision.

Barrels in InfraRed

Taking the Fuji X-Pro1 on this trip was a last minute decision. I thought it might be good to take the Fuji X-Pro1 with me on long walks and bike rides. I still find the X-Pro1 frustrating at times, but I’m glad to have packed the camera for this sojourn.

McLaren Vale Eucalypts

The forecast for today was mixed, with a strong chance of rain, so we decided to head south of Adelaide to the McLaren Vale, one of Australia’s most famous wine regions. I was particularly impressed with the wines on offer at Coriole, Samuel’s Gorge and Fox Creek (which was also hosting a photo exhibit as part of the South Australia Living Artists festival).

Old Shed McLaren Vale

I continue to be impressed by the Fuji X-Pro1’s ability to shoot dramatic Infra-Red images. The mix of dramatic textures, sweeping landscapes and winter skies was a perfect fit for this technique.

Vineyards at Hugh Hamilton

For those interested in the technical side of things, these images were shot handheld, with a Hoya R72 filter, at ISO2000, with minimal processing in Adobe Lightroom.

Vineyards at d'Arenberg

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