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September 10, 2015

The Laptop Is Dead

With Apple’s announcement for the new iPad Pro, the future of the Laptop computer market is called into question.

Today Apple unveiled its newest cache of products.  Of these, iPad Pro, Apple’s new larger format tablet computer, took my breath away.  Not because it’s a better tablet, but because it makes me wonder – why would I ever buy another laptop computer?

It’s a question Apple clearly want consumers to ask themselves.  During his presentation, Apple CEO Tim Cook was quick to point out how iPad Pro is faster than 80% of the new Laptop PCs on the market.  But, before that, he dropped the real bombshell, for those willing to listen.

“iPad is clearest expression of our vision for the future of personal computing.”

– Tim Cook

For most office work, the current range of iPads are already powerful enough. And, for a lot of creative work, we’ve been getting closer and closer to the power required for a lot of design, music and photo editing applications, with the current range of products already able to produce impressive results. The issues for users have mainly been around form, now solved with a much larger screen on iPad Pro and accuracy, which Apple are addressing with Apple Pencil (which owes a lot to existing products, like Adobe Ink) and a new keyboard solution.

And, with AirPlay (especially in conjunction with Apple TV), the technology already exists to throw what’s on your iPad onto any large screen you like, wirelessly.

Apple is renowned for bringing new technologies to market, at scale, with profit margins we normally associate with luxury goods.  But, just as much, Apple has been successful at dropping technologies once they pass their use-by date.  CRT, RS-232, SCSI, FireWire, CD/DVD, PCI cards, to name just a few.  The list of technologies Apple has been willing to let go, while their competetors keep lumbering on with them, is impressive.  It seems now Apple is getting ready for one of its boldest moves yet, the laptop-less future for all your work.

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