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November 23, 2006

Sharing More Than Just The Love…

Sharing some links to blogs I’ve been reading that deserve your time and attention.

As the blogosphere grows, it’s becoming increasingly harder to track new voices in the conversation. Typically I try to include new (or new to me) blogs in my posts and roundups, but the fact is there are so many blogs out there that deserve to be checked out it’s just hard to keep up.

It matters because compared to older publishing formats, blogging allows more voices to heard. This is, to me, one of its major attractions. I’ve said before many of the most rewarding blogs top follow are those udner the A-list radar; the B or C list, as it were. Without a concert effort to lift up our fellow bloggers, especially those providing compelling and original content, it is all too easy for the blogosphere to harden and fossilise. After all, who wants to read nothing but A-listers talking about their technorati rankings?

To this end, JP at Confused of Calcutta (a great blog, by the way) proposed we put a little more effort into highlighted lesser-known blogs – suggesting we tag them NewTailBlog.

As things happen, this suggestion landed in my RSS reader whilst I was considering my blogging goals for 2007 (more on that, later). Maybe you can join us in highlighting more of the small and worthwhile blogs out there.

To kick things off, here are eleven blogs that I’ve started tracking in recent weeks. These are all less than eighteen months old (some less than six months), far from the A-list, but still unique and engaging in their own ways. For the sake of the exercise I’ve added the number of blogs that link to them (according to Technorati) and little bit about what I find revealing in them. Take a look for yourself.

The Church Geek (25) – Thoughtful mix of ministry (especially preaching), theology and church life. Fast becoming a favourite.
Peace Be With You (0 – may be an error) – Focus on faith, reconcilliation and the Israel-Palestine problem from a “Palestinian-Belgian Christian.”
Serving Bread (10) – Politics, faith and ministry, but with something of a unique voice.
The Space Between My Ears (16) – Critical and reflective writing engaging evangelicalism and the emerging church.
Blogging… Walk The Talk (24) – History and urban living in Hong Kong.
charlie and nina (26) – Refreshing parenting-focussed writing.
In His Courts (55) – Considered, clear and thoughtful blogging on emerging church and ministry issues.
Darkening Glasses (4) – Very new blog, but rich and generous writing.
Info for Expats in Delhi (0) – A blog I’ve kept meaning to highlight. It is hard for exats to get good impartial information online for living in Delhi and this blog is doing a tremendous service.
Out Of The Cocoon (6) – OK, another emerging church blog, but with a keen eye and spirit from someone with a lot of ministry exeperience.
Johnny Laird (8) – Keeps sending me off towards a lot of fresh new blogs (and covnersations) I wouldn’t have found otherwise and for that I’m very grateful.
Are You There God? It’s Me, Dawn (6) – Faith and culture from a very honest, personable and compassionate perspective.

Do take a look, maybe there is a new voice in amongst these that connects with your journey.

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jim 18 years ago

Thanks Fernando,
I’ve been enjoying your blog as well.
peace, jim

John Smulo 18 years ago


There’s not many bloggers who are highlighting blogs that aren’t as well known, but deserve every bit as much attention as those who are. So I appreciate you linking to these blogs. I have 5 of them in my RSS feeds, and look forward to checking the rest out now.

I also am having a hard time keeping track of the large amount of must read blogs out there. With Technorati tracking 57 million blogs now, I think it’s simply impossible–not that they’re all of subject interest, but enough are.

Tim Abbott 18 years ago


Thanks for this initiative. After an initial surge of interest it’s easy to plateau in terms of the blogs one follows. Blogging seems particularly to be a conversation and a virtual community and here, as in all of life, it’s vital that we welcome newcomers and listen to new voices.
Suitably inspired, I hope to produce a similar list myself.

Eddy E 18 years ago

Hey Fernando,

Thanks for the love on your blog (of linking to mine). I like yours and will look forward to perusing it…


Fernando Gros 18 years ago

Thanks Jim.

Fernando Gros 18 years ago

Thanks Eddy

Fernando Gros 18 years ago

John, you are right, there are so many blogs out there we can’t track them all.

Fernando Gros 18 years ago

Tim – exactly, welcoming doesn’t always come easy and virtual cliques and closed doors are just as bad as analogue ones. I’m glad you feel inspired to highlight a few of the blogs that are new to you as well.

Johnny Laird 18 years ago

Thanks for the props & link, Fernando. Glad you like the blog….that’s a huge encouragement to me!


J 🙂

Fernando Gros 18 years ago

No problem Johnny – thanks again for your blog!

colin 17 years ago

Hello Fernando,

I don’t know if you will receive this, but I just came across your remarks through technorati. I’ve had some trouble with the linkage for the past month, or I would have shown my appreciation much sooner than now. I have also enjoyed checking in with your site.

Fernando Gros 17 years ago

Colin – Thanks for commenting and checking the blog out!

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