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May 3, 2014

iZotope RX Noise Reduction In Action

Listen to the impressive results as I put iZotope’s award-winning noise reduction plugin to work on a recent podcast.

isotope are one of my favourite audio plugin makers. Their products seem to always scotch where I itch and I’ve used their products like Iris, Vinyl and RX on all sorts of projects.

Recently, I upgraded to version 3 of RXThe Society For Film Podcast. James, my co-host has strived to get decent sound for his voice, given he is working with modest gear on a (modest) budget. Like many people in the tightly packed urban jungle that is Hong Kong, his office is not quiet and often plagued by construction noise.

In the first of these clips, you hear the Raw sound of his clip (with a final limiter applied). Then, in the next clip you can hear the sound of RX’s Dialogue Denoiser at work and the final clip adds in the “broadcast” EQ I like to apply to podcast for the full final sound.

Bar in mind that I didn’t spend hours, or even minutes, dialling in the noise reduction settings. I simply added the Dialogue Denoiser as a plugin on the track in Logic and then tweaked the reduction amount.

iZotope RX 3 Advanced is not cheap, U$1,199.00 versus U$349.00 for the standard version (upgrade pricing is available for existing RX users). But, the extra features are pretty compelling for anyone working in audio, recording, mixing and post-production.

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