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June 6, 2010

Hong Kong Logic Pro User Group

It feels like the right time to start a Logic Pro user’s group here in Hong Kong.

One of the cool things to emerge from last week’s MusicMatters conference was a small network of people keen to join in setting up a Logic user group right here in Hong Kong. I first started talking about this in late 2007, though back then there wasn’t much interest. However, in recent months, I’ve sensed more desire for such a group. Moreover, as Apple about to open a proper Apple Store here, it seems like a good time to act.

If you are based in Hong Kong and keen to find out more, you can join the mailing list here.

I’ve been watching with great interest the way Logic Pro User Groups operate around the world, especially in Los Angeles and New York. These groups are not just a good way to find out more about the software, they are also a good platform for building the local music scene and negotiating good relationships with product manufacturers and local distributors.

It looks to me like there is enough momentum in Hong Kong for such a group to get off the ground, maybe meeting quarterly. Going forward, my goal is to encourage creative musical collaboration, improve the landscape of Logic Pro education in Hong Kong and help develop the music scene here at all levels.

If any or all of that interests you, then please get in touch.

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