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April 20, 2009


Yesterday was my last day on Facebook.

I deactivated my account. Blogging, email and Twitter are more than enough of an electronic footprint for me.

Toni 15 years ago

Well I’m glad you’re not giving up blogging, as I certainly don’t want to move to twitter.


Steve K. 15 years ago

Facebook just became a little less desirable place to be, because you’re not there! But I’m glad to still find you here and on Twitter. Shalom.

Luxeat 15 years ago

I deactivated my facebook half year ago, but i wish i could delete it completely as it is always so tempting to come back just for few minutes and check what others are doing 🙂

Mike Mahoney 15 years ago

Although Facebook has become much less personally relevant for me, I still find it has it’s purposes. Twitter is far more useful to ministry, at least for me, and better (IMO) for building online friendships. Facebook is handy for keeping in touch with relatives and old friends – and keeping an eye on our youth!

I can see the day where I’ll leave Facebook. But heck, I’m still on CMF!

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