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February 27, 2006

Conscious Food

Some good trends are emerging in India, like this enviromentally aware food brand Conscious Food.

One refreshing change we have seen during our time here in India is emergence of Organic and Enviromentally-Aware food brands like Conscious Food. They have a range of surprisingly good products (especially their Masala-Chai Tea), which we have been finding in the new generation of local supermarkets, like Big Bazaar and Le Marche.

Once you get outside of villages and local markets, food here in India is very heavily industrialised (with all the problems that brings). Therefore, it is exciting to see smaller, more thoughtful producers entering the market and hopefully doing well.

Ketuman Sardesai 18 years ago

Can you please provide the email address and contact details of the company Conscious Food? I searched their website, but found it very poorly designed. It provides no contact details (or alteast has hidden them very well). I would appreciate your help.


Ketuman Sardesai
Aurangabad, India

Fernando Gros 18 years ago

I agree they really need a website re-design, especially since their products are good enough to sell internationally.

There are some contact details ion the site, just not in an obvious place (hidden away on the listening to your body page!). Try,


Phone : 91-22-56548604 / 05
Fax : 56357133
e-mail: kavitamukhi@consciousfood.com

kavita 17 years ago

please correct my email id on your site. conscious food website has since been redesigned.
correct numbers for conscious food 9122 6654 8604/5 and workshop 9122 3243 5965 and 9122 3245 3444
my contact email is kavitamukhi@gmail.com
thanks naturally

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