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July 5, 2006

Comment on Comments

Comments are integral part of the blogging experience. But some comments go to far.

Comments make the blogosphere go round (or Blogland as Jeremy Paxman called it). But on this forum, rude, vilifying or slanderous comments do not get to go-around.

Every comment submitted to this blog is subject to approval. I do this largely to handle SPAM (even though Akismet does a great job). Occasionally, I am forced to delete comments, not because I disagree with them, but because they are nothing but hate and bile. Perhaps tellingly, most of the deleted comments have been concentrated on one post-topic, a topic which really is quite inconsequential to me. Typically these comments are rude, frequently misrepresentative and always anonymous.

I welcome comments that highlight a different point of view or point out factual errors in my blogposts. That is part and parcel of having a real conversation. I’m also sympathetic to the need for anonymity for some commentators.

But comments that serve no other purpose than to attack, belittle and demean, without the support of a real name, or email, or website are nothing more than bullying. I’m calling that strategy out for what it is, immature, childish and toxic. If you are not willing to put your real name and real email (or your face) to your opinions‚ then don’t expect me, or any other blogger to give you a platform.

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