“Wealth is now defined, at least in part, by the ability to be offline whenever you want” Fernando Gros.
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My /Now Page

What I’m Doing Now

Last Updated – 2019年30月04日

Now Focus

I’ve stopped doing freelance work and devote all my time to creative and artistic practice in my Tokyo studio. I make things you can buy on my online store, explore big ideas on my blog and podcast, and use social media to bring attention to those ideas.

Annual Themes

I choose a theme each year to set the tone for where I’d like to navigate towards. The annual theme for 2018 was and it has been a challenging journey to the core of what is essential to my life. My theme for 2019 is conviction.

Seasonal Theme

I use seasonal themes to bring focus for the projects I want to complete in that quarter. For April-June, is “Finish Without Regret” and I’m using this to complete (or permanently abandon) unfinished projects, especially commercial projects. So I’m going through the backlog of things, on my shelves and hard drives, and breathing life into old ideas or saying thank you to them as they leave my to-do lists for good.


I write every morning for around two hours. The bulk of this finds its way into blogposts on this site, which are my gift to my creative friends and everyone who is trying to give voice to their artistic dreams.

Longform Writing

Some of the writing time is going into a longform writing project.


A recent new project is the Seventeen Trees Podcast which explores the intersections between creative living, simplicity, and reconnecting with nature. The podcast is on a hiatus and will return in May.


I have a zine called Modularity, which explores the idea of piecing together our lives in the same way music-makers piece together modular synthesisers. The first edition is nearly sold out and the second edition was released this month.

Social Media

The Digital Age is not turning out the way many of us had hoped and I’ve radically scaled back the time and effort I put into social media by embracing Digital Minimalism. Right now I use Twitter to explain the way my ideas interact with cultural trends, GoodReads to share what I’ve been reading, and Instagram to explain why I make photos and what captures my visual imagination, and Instagram stories to document my daily creative interests.


I only do email on Mondays and Fridays.


No activity is more central to my creative journey or personal identity than musical expression. I am now making music in the studio nearly every day.

Healthy Living

There’s an interesection between food, exercise, and self-care that has become increasingly important to me. It’s also an area that for men seems to be populated with unhealthy and unsustainable ideas. I spend a good portion of every day not just trying to be healthy but also trying to understand how share what I’m learning as well.

Father, Son & Lover

Family is a cornerstone of my life and I’m committed to vibrant, vivacious, & vulnerable relationships with the small number of people I hew close to in life.

Why Is This Page Here?

Inspired by Derek Sivers I created this page to make myself accountable for the most important projects in my life and by extension to make clear the things I won’t be doing, in order to have the time and focus on the important stuff.

Moreover, inspired by Cal Newport I’m committed to Deep Work, the kind that requires a lot of concentration and unplugging from everyday communication. And, inspired by Mike Vardy I have been rethinking the way I craft my time and manage my productivity.