"Let life enchant you again." - Fernando Gros
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What I’m Doing Now

Last Updated – 2024年5月06日


At the moment my main creative output is writing. I am working on a memoir and seeking to publish more work in journals and not just on my blog.

I use various artistic practices, music, photography, calligraphy, in order to ascertain how to live well. I’m fascinated by the way people adapt to life in different places, by the culture and traditions, art and music they create to express themselves and give meaning to their lives. And I’m often wondering, if freedom is so important then we why don’t we admire artists more? After all their life is defined by the pursuit of freedom.

Social Media’s Zombie Phase

For many years I had a consistent social media strategy centered on Twitter. New ownership, the collapse of the verification system and any meaningful content moderation have killed Twitter as a place for creatives. None of the Twitter alternatives like Threads and Bluesky have arisen as a viable alternative.

This is a time to deeply reconsider what social media is and how we invest time in online activities in the future.


I divide my time almost equally between Melbourne, Adelaide, and the Japanese alps. This constant slow movement shapes how I work and approach life right now.