"Wealth will increasingly be defined by our ability to go offline whenever we want." - Fernando Gros
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My Now Page

What I’m Doing Now

Last Updated – 2022年03月4日

Now Focus

Right now my focus is on writing and preparing for my upcoming relocation from London to Melbourne.

I’ve quit all freelance work and devote all my time to being a Writer, Creator and ThinkerMaker.

Yearly Theme

I choose a theme each year to set the tone for where I’d like to navigate towards. My yearly theme for 2022 is Tensegrity.

Daily Routine

My days usually start with a few hours of writing. After a cup of coffee I plan out the rest of my day and handle any other important deep work before cooking lunch. After that I take a walk or do pilates, or both, then usually edit some writing, play guitar, or do calligraphy, or handle domestic chores. After cooking dinner I might watch a film, or TV show, read, and then journal before getting ready to sleep.

Why Is This Page Here?

Inspired by Derek Sivers I created this page to make myself accountable for the most important projects in my life and by extension to make clear the things I won’t be doing, in order to have the time and focus for the important stuff!