“Wealth is now defined, at least in part, by the ability to be offline whenever you want” Fernando Gros.
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My /Now Page

What I’m Doing Now

Last Updated – 2020年06月02日

Now Focus

In the second half of 2019 I moved o London after six beautiful years in Tokyo.

I’ve stopped doing freelance work and devote all my time to writing and artistic practice. I make things you can buy on my online store, explore big ideas on my blog and use social media to bring attention to those ideas.

Yearly Themes

I choose a theme each year to set the tone for where I’d like to navigate towards. My yearly theme for 2018 was and for 2019 it was conviction.

For 2020 the theme is momentum.

Seasonal Theme

For January to March my seasonal theme is clearing the stream. This is all about removing the things that block momentum and the flow of creative ideas and the easy movement from one intentional task to another.


I write every morning for around two hours. I do this before any reading, before checking email or social media, and if possible, before talking to anybody. Much of this writing finds its way into blogposts on this site, which are my gift to my creative friends and everyone who is trying to give voice to their artistic dreams. Some of it into occasional creative projects like my zine.

Most of this writing, however, is going to a new book which I started in 2019.

Social Media

The Digital Age is not turning out the way many of us had hoped and I’ve radically scaled back the time and effort I put into social media by embracing Digital Minimalism. Right now I use Twitter to explain the way my ideas interact with cultural trends, GoodReads to share what I’ve been reading, and Instagram to explain why I make photos and what captures my visual imagination, and Instagram stories to document my daily creative interests.


I only do email on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


No activity is more central to my creative journey or personal identity than music. I still play guitar every day.


I spend around 20 days a year on the snow and am fortunate to have a small retreat in the Japanese Alps.


I’m not getting any younger and functional mobility is increasingly an important focus. This includes weekly pilates, a minimum of 10,000 steps a day, standing where possible, and daily stretching and rolling.


Food isn’t fuel, it’s fun, family and freedom. I home cook at least two of my meals everyday. I bake sourdough bread, make pickles, smoke salmon and bacon.

Father, Son & Lover

Family is a cornerstone of my life and I’m committed to vibrant, vivacious, & vulnerable relationships with the small number of people I hew close to in life.

Why Is This Page Here?

Inspired by Derek Sivers I created this page to make myself accountable for the most important projects in my life and by extension to make clear the things I won’t be doing, in order to have the time and focus for the important stuff!