"Let life enchant you again." - Fernando Gros
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What I’m Doing Now

Last Updated – 2023年2月02日


I’m writing a book about noise. Or, it might be about silence. I’m not really sure yet.

It will certainly draw on my experience working in audio, music, and sound. And the experiences I’ve had living in several different countries around the world.

It’s a cliche that our lives are becoming noisier. But, what do we do about it? What can change? How can we cope? I’ve having a lot of fun exploring those kinds of questions and I hope you enjoy reading about them when the book comes out.

This Season of Life

Last year I moved back to Australia. A couple of months later my mother passed away. Because of the pandemic I didn’t see much of her in her final two and half years. My father is still relatively healthy and I want to accompany him as much as a can.

I’m also trying to make the most of being back in Australia. I’d never expected to be back in this country. It fills me with mixed feelings.

I’ve been in therapy again since mid 2021 and that has helped me handle this transition and understand it better. As hard as this season of life has been I’m finding the space to reflect joyfully on good memories and think with emotional clarity about the decisions required at this time.

Japan Again

Thankfully the Japanese borders reopened at the end of 2022 and I’ve managed to make a couple of trips back to Tokyo and also my cabin in the Japanese Alps. For the rest of this year I will be travelling back to Japan as often as possible and using that time to work on the new book as well as other creative projects.