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April 17, 2019

Modularity 2 Is Out Now

The latest edition of my zine, Modularity, is out now. Full of previously unpublished experimental writing on music making in the era of content creation, nostalgia, and the fickleness of Spring.

I have a new edition of my zine – Modularity. Yes, it took a long time to make. It was going to coming out last summer. Then I aimed for winter. Eventually it was now or never.

In the zine I explain why it took so long. It was something about the slow progress of building my modular synthesiser. But, in a way, it’s also a parable about making music in the era of content creation.

This edition of Modularity is all new writing. The last one had some previously published articles. This one is all fresh. Like a spring breeze!

It’s also cheaper. The first one was a limited edition thing. So it was a little expensive. This time it’s not a limited edition thing. Which helps me make it cheaper.

That’s also closer to the experimental nature of zine-making. An antidote to the pressure of making a book. The writing is still edited and crafted. But the thing is designed and made “in-house.”

This also makes it a lot more fun.

For a little while Modularity will be onsale for only $5 including postage anywhere in the world. After that it goes up to $7, which is still less than half the cost of the first edition.

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