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April 30, 2014

International Jazz Day 2014

April 30 is International Jazz Day and here are some selections of recent jazz performances for you to enjoy.

April 30 is UNESCO’s International Jazz Day, which every year is marked with concert and educational events and an all star concert, this year held in Osaka, Japan. You can watch the webcast of the concert, which will feature a genuine all star list of performers.

There is a lot of great Jazz music being played and recorded these days and there are a growing number of fantastic jazz education programmes. However, Jazz seems to be moving further and further out of the mainstream music listening experience and even those who do enjoy Jazz, often focus their attention on the same (small) repertoire of “greats” most of whose recordings were made 40 or more years ago.

So, to celebrate International Jazz Day 2014, I’m offering up some current Jazz musicians and their work, for you to enjoy. No comment required, since this is all compelling music, made by solid players and hinting and the breadth (and health) of Jazz today. So, check out the videos below (or listen to them on a YouTube playlist here).

Brian Blade + The Fellowship Band

Takuya Kuroda

Stacey Kent

Lisa Hilton

Jacques Schwarz Bart

Leslie Pintchik Trio

Alfredo Rodriguez

Ambrose Akinmusire

Kris Bowers

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