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November 22, 2004

Golf Clubs and things…

A quick update on life in Delhi.

Well the passion for Golf continues and of course that means a passion for Golf gear. The fashions have developed at almost the same pace as the technology. Mock turtles are a good thing, but titanium drivers and hybrid ultility clubs are an even better thing!

C continues to develop into a fine young girl and later in the week I’l upload some favourite pictures of her from her nursery.

Also, today I recieved a copy of Tom Beaudoin’s new book, Consuming Faith; expect a review soon. Tom is a good guy and it was a highlight of my time at King’s College London to meet him when he gave a guest seminar. As well as being author of Virtual Faith, a book which deeply encouraged my thinking on the relations between Theology and Culture.

Finally, the papers on the global politics are a little delayed as I sift through a small mountain of reading and analysis. Also, there is quite a degree of personal angst and frustration to work through as well as to how this effects all of us.

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