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Deconstructing The Beatles

I’ve just stumbled on some YouTube gold that I’d like to share with you. These videos deconstruct some Beatles originals, allowing us to hear the individual parts in all their raw and passionate glory. Apparently for Rock Band video game, the individual guitar, bass, drums and vocal stems were loaded…

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SonicScoop Interviews Chris Lord-Alge

SonicScoop is one of my favourite music blogs. They’ve recently posted a great set of interviews with legendary producer, Chris Lord-Alge, who was interviewed by New York musician, Erica Glyn. SonicScoop Power Sessions with Chris Lord-Alge In this first part of the interview, Chris Lord-Alge talks about how he feel…

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Mutli Output With Logic Pro And EZdrummer

NOTE: With the update to EZdrummer 2 and Logic X, things have changed a little sine I wrote this post. So, you may want to also take a look at the more recent post Multi-Output With Logic Pro And EZdrummer2 Readers asked a number of questions in response to my…

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Anchoring A Recording Studio

When we imagine a professional recording studio the vision that normally comes into our head is of a mixing desk, or recording console, with rows of faders, knobs and controls. In fact, the people who build and run studios will often talk about the console “anchoring” the studio, both in…

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