I’m a Tokyo Photographic Artist

I make photographs by day & to relax, I make music in the evenings. Every week I write about the things I’ve learned in my studio and I make videos to try & document the whole process of doing this in Tokyo, & wherever my travels take me.

My passions live at the intersection of art and technology. More than just taking photos, I’m interested in the way we use recording technology, to edit and make sense of our reality.

Of course, we all do that now, everyday on all sorts of devices. Smartphones have turned us all into photographers and many into performers, with their own audiences. Yet, above the noise there’s a still place for special experiences, when we confront work and ideas that challenge our understanding of life.

Art, creativity, and inspiration still matter.

I live in a city of 35 Million people and it can be pretty overwhelming at times. And, trying to bring our creative ideas to life is never easy.

That’s why I continue to write a blog with all the honesty I can muster, sharing the struggles as well as the successes. I hope you can find something in the articles here that will inspire you in your creative journey.

About Fernando Gros

In his Tokyo studio Fernando combines his life-long passions for art and technology. On the road, he is always looking to take the next wrong turn, just to see what kind of images and stories might unfold. A photographer & writer, with a background in music, Fernando has lived in Chile, Australia, the UK, Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan. Read More.

No Missing Tools

Creativity is often talked about – we want to feel more creative, to see creativity expressed in our lives, in the things around us, in our work  and education experiences. But, so many of our ideas about creativity are tied to a different era, when information, knowledge and insight were…

Latest Articles


In Real Life – Number 4

I had something of a crisis trying to make this week’s video. I went out and shot a bunch of video around Tokyo, put together some clips from my work, but it just didn’t seem to tell the story of the week I experienced. The most important bits, the in…

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The Need For Sleep And My First DIY Bluetooth Amplifier

I’m obsessed with getting more sleep. Partly it’s a result of being more health conscious after last year’s concerns. But mostly, it’s the realisation that after a lifetime of being a night owl, of frequently getting by with little sleep I’ve realised getting at least 8 hours a night makes…

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This Week I Quit The Super Bowl

For the first time since the age of nine I’m not watching this year’s Super Bowl. This long, unbroken streak contains a lot of memories, but the way the experience has changed suggested it was time to rethink giving up a day of my life to this distant sporting spectacle….

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“It’s tempting to think that by removing your limitations, especially gear limitations, you will free your creativity. Usually, it works the other way round. Your limitations are what push you to be creative, to work harder and then come up with something amazing. Some limitations need to be fixed, but most just need to be embraced.”

– Fernando Gros


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