So, what do you do?

If you’ve struggled with the question “what do you do?” then you’re on just the right site. And, on the right track with your life.

That may sound counterintuitive, but here’s why it’s actually an asset: it means you’re a deeply creative person. And you’re in good company. All kinds of creatives feel exactly the same about the “what do you do?” question.

Creativity is messy — in a good way.

Creativity is about building bridges, connecting one idea to another, seeing how we can change a habit, or practice here, by borrowing an insight, or experience from over there. We all build bridges every day. And what’s really exciting is watching people build the really big, brave, creative bridges. When film makers borrow insights from philosophy or science, when computer programmers adapt ideas from biology, or designers and architects challenge our ideas by drawing on shapes from nature.

What’s even more exciting is when we build those big, brave bridges ourselves.

That kind of creativity asks us to be open to many different experiences and sources of knowledge. To make things, and surprising connections, constantly. To make answering the question “what do you do?” hard to answer. The whole point of this site is to help you turn that question on its head.

And, to help you make more of what you make.

About Fernando Gros

I craft music, photos and words in my Tokyo and Adelaide studios. I was born in Chile, have travelled through 43 countries and over the last 15 years lived in Sydney, London, Delhi, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Tokyo. This site and my book, No Missing Tools, to help people like you be more creative and solve the world’s most frustrating question, “What do you do?”

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“Being creative is not the challenge. You already know how to be creative. If you’ve ever done anything that involved connecting an idea to the world; written a letter, fried an egg, tied a shoelace, you know how to be creative. Being creative in a way that is unique, true to your story and speaks to your place in the universe, is the challenge. ”

– Fernando Gros


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