Tokyo is home for me. I’ve lived here since 2013 and feel a sense of personal freedom here I’ve not experienced anywhere else. Although this is a huge, vibrant city, my weekly routine is fairly quiet and for now focussed only on these things,

Photography – my main working focus; portrait, landscape and contextual street photography.
Family – at home when my daughter returns from school everyday, present and helpful to my family.
Japanese – one private lesson per week plus daily practice.
Music – composing and recording, but only on personal projects.
Movement – weekly Pilates classes, cycling, walking (annual average 9,977 steps a day) and ski-ing.
Writing – regular blogposts.
Video – short occasional videos from my studio on current projects and life in Tokyo.
Reading – mostly poetry and non-fiction around the creation of personal identity through choice, culture, and tradition.
@BeingTokyo – helping to moderate this Tokyo #rocur account.
Making – for relaxation and personal satisfaction I make something every day, beyond my work commitments. This includes cooking, graphic or industrial arts, painting, woodworking, electronics, and modelling.

I’m motivated by the people I love, by great ideas, by stories that need to be told and by sharing my experience of the world. Without these, money or exposure will never be enough to attract me to a project.

I’m always happy to answer questions about photography, creativity, my past work, travel, being an expat and living in Tokyo. Feel free to email me.

I’m thankful to Derek Sivers for the inspiration to write this now page. If you want to know more, I’ve written an article about Now Pages, including the difference between a now page, an about page and a set of goals, here.

About Fernando Gros

In his Tokyo studio Fernando combines his life-long passions for art and technology. On the road, he is always looking to take the next wrong turn, just to see what kind of images and stories might unfold. A photographer & writer, with a background in music, Fernando has lived in Chile, Australia, the UK, Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan. Read More.


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