Uniqlo App Designed T-Shirt

Uniqlo is a Japanese fashion retailer who is well know here and overseas for fun and innovative T-Shirt designs.

Recently, they launched an app, UTme! (on both iOS and Android), which allows you to design and order a custom made T-Shirt right from your smart device (Japan only). Options are limited to four colours, or pictures, but you can do some cool things with motion to spice up your design.

I jumped on this and made a simple swiped version of my “F” initial, then used the “splash” option which allows you to give your artwork a more splattered effect, by shaking and moving your phone. Then I placed an order and waited. The whole process only took a few minutes (even with my limited grasp of Japanese).

The T-Shirt cost me ¥2200 (U$21.28) for which I got a solid, mid weight Uniqlo T-Shirt (I quite like their products) with my custom logo on the front.

My only regret was I didn’t go for a more adventurous design or maybe order another T-shirt, because the service is now down, due to the high demand. Here’s hoping UTme! is up and running again soon.

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  • Naomi Hattaway - 29th May 2014

    Welcome to Uniqlo! We used to walk into the store in Singapore near us just to hear that cheerful refrain! Cool shirt concept!

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