The Short Week – Number 3

Is it a long weekend or is it a short week? This is the question I kept asking myself as I tried to make my 3rd weekly video for Youtube. I was excited to be heading back to the Japanese alps, especially now there was a lot of snow with the promise of more fresh powder.

But, I’m also trying to get my year off to a good start and squeezing a big week’s worth of commitments into four days isn’t all that much fun. I’m already starting to feel the pressure of things I need to do, including using and reviewing the new gear that appeared on previous videos!

Please take a look at this week’s short film. I’m learning a lot with each of these, from what kind of setups work well, to how to edit the footage, and getting better colour in the final product. Let me know what you think.

Another Bonus Music Track

And again, there’s a short piece of original music, which you can listen to on SoundCloud. It’s fun to make up these short little themes and try to relate them to the mood of the week. This one is a little two chord vamp, with a combination of guitar, hardware and software synths, and sampled drums. It took about an hour to create, record and mix, using mostly UAD and Soundtoys plugins. Maybe I should do a video about making music for the videos I make – or would that be too meta?

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  • Toni - 28th January 2017

    Nice snow. 😉

    Work – life balance. You’re self employed, and as I know from when I ran my business, there’s no such thing as a bank holiday: you work when you have work and you stop when you need to. Your time is your own, provided it fits around the family.

    Good music track BTW. Your rack of guitars also looks interesting, with what appears to be a late 70s Strat among others.

  • fernando - 31st January 2017

    Sadly, there’s no old guitars in my collection. The headstock you’re seeing is my daughter’s Fender Mustang reissue. Fun little guitar. And yes, the work-life balance for self-employed is as you describe. We’ve made it work in a pro-family way, but that has often meant I’ve turned down jobs. It’s never easy.

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