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I’m pretty much closed for business in Singapore. Between now and when the removalists come to pack up The Sugar Shack, my studio here, I will only be doing my regular The Society For Film podcasts and finishing off my album, You Can’t Deny What’s Inside. So, this will be…

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This time last week, I attended a public forum called Singapore Music Dialogue, organised by sgmuso, the Singapore Music Society. I’ve been hesitant to comment, partly because I’m an outsider. But, I not only live here, I made the decision to move my studio, my business and my musical hopes…

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Like a lot of musicians, I seem to have a quirk in my personality. Ask me to perform (or speak) in front of a thousand people, and I am fine with it. But, ask me to go up to one stranger at an event and “network” while exchanging business cards…

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