Print And Ink Series

Original monochromatic black and white prints, with hand drawn sumi-e ink borders.  This is a limited edition series created in our Hidden Forest studios in Tokyo.

Marrying my love of fine art black & white photo prints with the strokes and form of sumi-e ink painting, this series is a departure from my previous exhibited work.
No Missing Tools: Creativity In An Age Of Abundance

Creativity is often talked about – we want to feel more creative, to see creativity expressed in our lives, in the things around us, in our work and education experiences. But, so many of our ideas about creativity are tied to a different era, when information, knowledge and insight were scarce, when we didn t have all the creative tools at our disposal.

No Missing Tools explores what it means to be creative in our contemporary age of abundance, when so many of the tools we need are only a click or search away. With a perceptive eye and drawing from his own experience working in music and photography, Fernando asks us to consider a vibrant universe of ideas about living with a bold awareness of our own creativity. This book celebrates the way we remake ourselves through understanding our creative motivations, something we often struggle to see clearly. Fernando suggests this is a key step to better understanding how inspiration works and identifying the specific tools we need to be at our most creative. No Missing Tools is a lively, unorthodox guide to being more aware of our creativity.

$4.55 to $16
We are awash with how-to resources for art and creativity. We can buy all the books, attend all the workshops and do all the courses, and it doesn’t seem to move us closer to a fully engaged creative life. This is because sometimes, all the resources get in the way of the real work we need to do to get back in touch with our creativity.
You Can’t Deny What’s Inside

While travelling through Mexico in 2011 I wrote a collection of songs that were quite unlike any of my previous work. Maybe it was the tacos and mezcal, or maybe it was the moments alone, struggling with self-doubt and creative frustration, in cafes and on long bus trips, whatever it was, these songs seemed to come from a different place, from somewhere deep and undeniable.

Featuring reverb drenched guitars, acoustic percussion, field recorded samples and hope-filled lyrics baptised in the dusty reality of human existence, this album represents a departure from Jazz and Orchestral oriented music that has been coming out of my studios for the past ten years.

The sessions for You Can’t Deny What’s Inside took place in The Sugar Shack Studio in Singapore, during the spring of 2013. Over the summer, the album will be edited and mixed, ready for release later this year.

Coming This Autumn
...heartache drips from the radio tonight.

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