Social Music 2011

This morning I gave a brief presentation on social media options for musicians. The organisers of the Hong Kong Social Media Meetup asked me to speak, based on insights from last week’s MusicMatters conference. It was my second slideshow based public speaking gig this year – which also makes it the second slideshow based, public speaking gig for me, since I left London in 2006!

I started out by giving a little of my biography; how I moved back into music fulltime in 2004 and at the same time, became a “digital” musician. Like many people, I thought we were on the verge of some kind of Utopia for independent musicians, but the reality, from 2004-2011 was more like the final scene from Planet of the Apes (did we really destroy ourselves?).

The rest of the presentation is fairly straightforward and a lot of it would be very familiar to regular readers of this blog. If this is your first time here, you might want to check out some previous posts, like my review of MusicMatters 2011, Music Business Tools, How To Develop A Jazz Scene In Hong Kong, or Reflections on iMusic

I did discuss a few artists, sites and services during the presentation (and question time) so here is a list of all the links.

Apple Logic Pro
Eric Beall Music Publishing & Songwriting Blog
The Future of Music Blog
Goober Gun
iCloud rumours
Imogen Heap
Imogen’s crowd-sourced song Lifeline on SoundCloud
Imogen Explains The Twitter Collar At The Grammys (YouTube)
Mobile Roadie
Saidah Baba Talibah
SoundCloud developer blog
Topspin Media

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