Another Roundup

Here’s another roundup of bits and pieces that didn’t make it into full blogposts.

Official Seal Generator (via 43 Folders) – See above, too much fun.
Apricot and Roast Pistachio Jam – There are so many excellent food blogs out there!
Art and Activism Exhibition in looks fun and amusing, but the feral trade project caught my eye – trading coffee across social networks.
“Street Legal” Jet-Powered VW Beetle – “Hmmm, the car has two engines making the car a hybrid so maybe we can drive in the commuter lanes along with the Toyota Priuses.”
India, 1947. Iraq, 2006 – refences this WSJ piece by Peggy Noonan
The Suburban Christian – I’ve had this book on my to-read list for too long now
China’s Massive Foreign Currency Reserves (via Simon World) – A lesson in trade and economics!
I Aint Saying She’s A Gold Digga – Honest discussion of church giving practices
Zvex Box of Rock demo video – Cool guy and cool guitar effects – check out the other videos especially the ringtone, wah probe and the subharmonic demo for the iMPAMP
Escape From Woomera – owners of the game Half-Life can play the role of refugee held in an Australian detention centre
II-V or Not II-V? That Is the Question – ideas for writing melody-driven harmony

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  • Anne Jackson - 3rd September 2006

    Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for the link! 🙂

  • Fernando Gros - 5th September 2006

    No problem Anne – thanks for your comment here.

  • Matt Stone - 5th September 2006

    Fernando, did you realise Bob (the subgenius character featured in your seal) is a religious icon? See and for more info.

  • Fernando Gros - 6th September 2006

    Matt – wow, you think you know something but really you don’t. I recall Bob from early 90s jokes and that is it. I remember the references in Devo and reading about Zappa as well. I liked the slacker = salvation gag and the general sense of chick tract satire. There was also something about the image being so steeped in 50s advertising that as a symbol of religious salvation that made a quite clever comment about some of the stuck in the past culture of church.

    However, a lot of the stuff on the subgenious site you sent, wow, that was not what I had in mind. I don’t endorse that and thank you for pointing it out. I got this one wrong, it seems.

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