Audiobus – The Most Important App Ever?

Like pretty much everyone interested in iOS music making, I’m in awe of Audiobus. This deceptively simple app has finally realised the potential of iOS for music making, by creating an environment that lets you interconnect three audio apps at the same time, to create a sonic workflow.

Check out the launch video to see how it works.

While there is still a pretty wide gulf between what you can do an a DAW and what you can do on an iPad, Audiobus really does step up the game for those wanting to use an iOS device to sketch out songs, design sounds and record tracks.

And, things are looking very promising for Audiobus as more (big name) app developers are adding support. It’s also part of a bigger, quite revolutionary trend towards getting audio apps to collaborate in iOS.

I’m inclined to think Audiobus is not just the most important recent app we’ve seen music, but the most important app of any kind. After all, Audiobus is creating an environment for apps to work together in real time. Compare that to the current state of play with photo apps, where you are forced to work sequentially in an online, offline, online, offline dance as you move an image from one app to another.

Audiobus is the kind of app we all need, if iOS and mobile devices are ever really going to replace Desktop and Laptop computers for serious creative tasks.

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