Fuji X-Pro1 InfraRed

I’ve always been keen to try Infrared photography. It’s a technique that can produce stunning landscape and urban images. But, many, in fact most, dSLR camera cannot shoot infrared without hardware modification.

I had been seeing some comments suggesting that it was possible to shoot Infrared with an unmodified Fuji X-Pro1. So, I headed out this afternoon to pick up a Hoya R72 Infrared filter. When I got home, I grabbed my X-Pro1 and went out for a short walk.

The image at the top of this post is exactly what came out of the camera in JPG; no adjustments, no processing. For the rest of the images below, I imported the RAW files, converted them to TIFF in SilkyPix, then processed them with a variety of approaches (Lightroom, Color Efex Pro, Photoshop). That said, the images still looked pretty good just straight out of the camera.

There’s a huge amount of potential in this approach. I’m sure, as the word gets out that the Fuji X-Pro1 can do Infrared, more and more photographers will give it a go.

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  • yamabuki Zhou - 29th April 2012

    Great shots. Especially the first. Thanks for the heads up on IF photography.

  • Weldon - 29th April 2012

    Holy smokes. Those are awesome. Good work.

  • Chris Mielke - 29th April 2012

    I will have to pickup one of those filters. The first shot is wonderful. Why does the X-Pro 1 do a better job than other Digital cameras with infrared?

  • Tim Steadman - 1st May 2012

    Really cool…have always wanted to try this too. I’m getting the XPro1 later this week. Very excited. Thanks for the great info!

    • Fernando Gros - 7th May 2012

      Hey Tim – look forward to seeing what you think of this camera.

  • Ajay - 2nd May 2012

    What settings on camera did u use to take shots? Shutter speed, iso, aperture etc.

    Nice work

    • Fernando Gros - 7th May 2012

      Hey Ajay & Jex. Thanks. I was shooting this with ISO5000 and the aperture at f1.4 & f1.8. Shooting in A-priority, this was still giving me slow shutter speeds, in the 1/25 to 1/60 range.

      Technically, shooting with an IR filter on is much like shooting in near darkness. In my latest trips I’ve been taking a tripod along, to allow for lower ISO settings and longer exposures.

  • -S - 5th May 2012

    Great. I ordered one. Would you mind sharing your Lightroom Development Settings? Thanks!

    • Fernando Gros - 7th May 2012

      Hey S. I am writing a follow up that will have more details about Lightroom and Photoshop settings and some things I’m trying with Nik’s Color Efx as well.

  • jex - 6th May 2012

    thanks for sharing inofs any tips on exposure time ? i’m gonna receive my x pro next week and i’m looking forward to do infrared photography. as i’m new to IR photographie i have collected some intel but nothing particular with the X-pro 1.

    Like Ajay above me i’ll be glad if you can spare some infos ^^

    great job

  • Ajay - 7th May 2012

    Hey Fernando,
    Thanks for the info on Aperture / shutter speeds. I just got a tripod, so looking forward to going out to try this filter.



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