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“Not enough gets said about the importance of abandoning crap.”
Ira Glass

A while back, Garr posted an excellent summary of Ira Glass’ presentation on creating content for new media. Ira is the host of the consistently excellent “This American Life” radio show (and podcast and now also a TV show).

“Everything is more compelling when you talk like a human being, when you talk like yourself.”
Ira Glass

To be blunt, if you speak in public in any way – presenting, preaching, teaching, or if you create online content, blogging, podcasting or video, do yourself and your audience a favour; block out half an hour and watch the five short videos and read Garr’s summary. This is excellent and transformative stuff.

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  • Fernando Gros - 22nd December 2008

    Folks – please follow the trackback to Duncan’s blog. He’s done a great job of summarising the interview segments.


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