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Food and cooking blogs occupy a fascinating space within the blogosphere. Clearly, recipes and restaurant reviews adapt well to the this format. Here’s a quick rundown of some personal favourites.

Delicious Days – A longtime favourite and one of the most consistently good-looking blogs out there. Check out the Egg Ravioli!

Ms Glaze’s Pommes d’Amour – A relatively new blog that has made its way to my personal A-list. This is serious cooking from a Le Cordon Bleu trained chef. Recipes like Homemade Saucisson: Boudin Blanc and Saint Jacque’s Heart: Scallops & Artichokes is eaxctly where I’m trying to hear with my own cooking. But, the added bonus is the video recipes; from serious stuff like How To Skin A Rabbit, to fun and simple things like BBQ Scallops.

Eating Asia – Another good looking, high-quality blog. Eating Asia’s strength is consistently stunning photographs and a “street-level” view of food and its preparation.

The Passionate Cook – I’ve been reading this blog for a while for the mix of food, travel and restaurant commentary. My favourite posts are the series on Mexican food, here, here and here.

Saveurs Mexicaines – Speaking of Mexican, here is a fantastic blog dedicated to real Mexican and modern Latin food and Mexican culture. The Bacalao a la Vizca??na is calling my name.

The Traveler’s Lunchbox – From an expat in Scotland comes a great looking blog with a global outlook. Check out Salty, Sweet, Sublime: Bisteeya, a recipe I’ll be trying soon and a great piece of food writing.

Mahanandi – Here’s a blog with some great Indian recipies (I love the fact that Aloo Tikki Burgers are listed under “Western Food”). A lot of the recipes here have an honest, homecooking feel about them. The recipe for Chana Masala (despite the use of mass-produced Chana Masala powder) is almost identical to the one I learnt in Delhi. Shame I can’t make decent Puri though.

Saffron Trail – From a doctor in Mumbai comes a creative blog that shows us some inventive modern Indian food. Westerners I meet often want to hear about traditional and authentic Indian food, but a lot of the food culture I saw involved “Indianised” food from around the world (the masala effect). Indo-Chinese food, Indian Pizza, heck even Indian McDonalds tastes like nothing else on this earth. A great example is the fun video-recipe for Spicy Indian French Toast. The name sounds like a crime against everything good about cuisine (OK, I’ll admit to hating fusion food). But, the reality is it tastes so good.

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  • Asha - 14th June 2007

    Great collection! Love to check out all these links since I am foodie too!Thanks:)

  • Fernando Gros - 17th June 2007

    Asha – Thanks for stopping by, you’ve got a great blog there as well!!! I’m going to try your Aloogedde Palya this week.

  • Srivalli - 22nd June 2007

    Hi…you have a nice list here…surprising though is when you say you can prepare channa masala yet find it difficult to prepare puri. Its relatively such a easy one to make.

    Between you have an interesting blog here…



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