12 Links For This Roundup

Driving In India – Yes, I’ve posted this one already, but it makes for such intoxicating viewing. There are some things I miss about India, some I don’t and then there is the traffic!

Anatomy of a Comment Spammer – Interesting given my recent problems. By the way, Volker Weber’s blog, (a.k.a. vowe) is a consistently good read on tech issues.

CIA personality test via Brad Boyston – Fancy yourself as a Spy, the hurdles seem lower than ever!

Worst President In History via Subversive Influence – OK, it’s nothing new, but good for putting this current malaise in a deeper historical context.

Turn a Remote Controlled Car Into A Dust Mop – I always new I could justify my childhood obsession somehow.

Abhishekwarya: Bollywood’s TomKat – Bollywood again…

Do You Want the Terrorists to Win? – Apparently I do. Nice ironic little quiz if you too have been demused by the accusation of being a “…a terrorist-loving, Bush-bashing, “blame America first”-crowd traitor.”

Is this all we’ve got? England’s suffering has only just begun – No-one does self-deprication like the British sporting press. This piece has lots of memorable lines including “Cricket against Australia is never over until the fat boy spins.”

‘Dragon’ sausages burnt by trade laws – Apparently, Welsh Dragon Sausages are in trouble because they don’t contain any Dragon, and so could confuse customers. Goodness knows what will become of Angel cakes, Devils on Horseback or even Toad in the Hole.

Stephen Colbert interviews Richard Dawkins via One For The Road – After the media blitz over his new book, I’ve attained a new level of disdain for Dawkin’s smugness. Moreover, whilst I agree that attacks on school education from creationism should be rebutted, Dawkins campaign against all religious education is one of the most dangerous proposals I have heard for a long time.

Mark Kermode’s Advent Film Review Calendar – Simply brilliant! Kermode has become, via podcast, my favourite film reviewer and this advent calendar brings together his best, frothiest and most over the top moments from the last year of reviews. Wonderful!

Personal DNA via Eclectic Ichtings – apparently, I am a Generous Artist. Hmmm…

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  • brad wright - 13th December 2006

    I love that clip of traffic in India. I show it to my social methods class & have them deduce the rules of traffic for that intersections… a good example of social patterns.

    Cool other sites too.

  • Fernando Gros - 13th December 2006

    I’d love to see that used in class. It’s a simple example of what one sees so often in India, the ability for people to organise effectively despite the appearance of it being totally chaotic. Living there did teach me a lot about observing behaviour.

  • Eric - 18th June 2007

    This is exactly what I expected to find out after reading the title 12 Links For This Roundup. Thanks for informative article

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